Podcast: Animoot

A 20-30 minute adventure into animator life every Monday.

Personal Art Journey: Story of Two Animators

In the final episode of Animoot, we tell our animation journeys through a collection of old art from the beginning up to today. Onion must choose between running a laser tag place and working on Dr. Who. Crowne tries to be practical and studies political science – but will her hobbies consume her? Thank you… Read more »

Art Game

Two animators attempt an art game where you speed draw comics in real time. A silly penultimate Animoot episode before the finale special.

Lip Sync

Casual intro: words in North America vs Australia, how to key and animate lip sync, what sets of mouths to make, lip sync on 2s or 1s, budget lip sync, critiquing animation in public, using animation to advertise, animation subscription services

Is 2D Dead?

Is 2D animation dead? 2D animation in feature films. Why are there 2D pencil tests for 3D films? Film Genres and hybrid animation. Is 2D faster, easier, and cheaper than 3D these days? 2D vs 3D in video games. Disney remaking 2D movies as “live action” aka Lion King. Live action x 3D. Is there… Read more »

Your Own Animated Series

Making an animated series by yourself, automated components to animation, special effects automation, making pitch bibles, demos, and bumpers instead of full pilots yourself, 3D that looks like 2D, total automation coming to take our jobs, art with ai, the curse of immortality

Procrastination is Anxiety

Is procrastination a form of anxiety, and how does that affect your art? Art fears driving procrastination. Avoiding big art projects. Disliking the sound of your own voice. Being in the right mindset to do a task. Fear of imperfection and being ridiculed. Procrastination making anxiety worse – the problem compounds on itself. Onion’s garden… Read more »

Working in Small Teams

Animating in small teams vs big teams. Hot desking. Team politics and arguments, emotional attachments to characters. No room for mediocrity. I give it a solid 5/10. Separating personal opinion from what is best for a team.

Art Block and Staying Motivated

What is Art Block? Is art block real? Methods to deal with lack of motivation and procrastination. Burnout. Willpower productivity game.

Production Pipeline

What should be considered when building a pipeline, movement vs character design, pipeline for personal projects, the ultimate limiter: budget and schedule

Putting Out Fires

Urgent task management, team management, spreadsheets and pipelines