Podcast: Animoot

A 20-30 minute adventure into animator life every Monday.

Ideas VS Execution

Having good ideas does not make you special. Execution can make you special. How do you execute an idea in a way that it will actually happen and get finished? Explorative ideas versus Outlined ideas. What to do if you have an idea but no skills to animate it? Shut up and get to work;… Read more »

Struggling with YouTube

The shift in how YouTube works since 2019. Is success/failure completely random? Looking at YouTube data and statistics. Bad recommended videos on home pages. Everybody is being controlled by the YouTube robot algorithm without even knowing it. Can YouTubers take vacations? Effort versus results. Value – what is worthwhile to do that makes a difference?… Read more »

Animation and Game Programming

Discussion of programming art and animation into a game. WillPower tile building system, boss splicer machine and corner shadow combinations.

Synesthesia: Ways of Learning Animation

Which way do you learn best? The Animator’s Survival Kit, the Illusion of Life, Alan Becker 12 Principles Series, being completely unable to visualize something in your mind, rare mind visualization superpowers, talent vs skill, Synesthesia, the controversy of ‘no music while animating’

Drawing Like A Child

Drawing as an adult vs drawing as a kid, keeping old art, remembering to draw for fun, drawing the same thing over and over, defining moments as a young artist, The Secret to Being A Great Artist by Stephen McCranie, organic effects

Dealing With Animation Critique

Giving Critique. Is your critique meaningful or necessary? Critique when it’s your job, when to disagree, critique from clients, casual critique, getting your soul crushed

Animation Art Styles

How good are you at copying others’ styles? Specific art styles in animation. Animators who have very recognizable styles, recognizing an imitation of a style, seeing influences of other animators in a style, bootleg styles, anime, cartoon anatomy, video editing and redubbing lip sync

Animation Addiction and Fun MAP Ideas

Is animating an addiction? Psychology of chance, inventing new types of animation collaborations, reanimation projects, animation battle royale, fun drawing games with friends, a collab where everyone must use the same style

Planning a Freelance Day

Morning routine, avoiding distractions, evening routine, writing down plans, setting alarms, accountability to others and deadlines, rebranding, tricks to get started and stay in practice, Seth Godin and “The Drip”

Frustrations with New Animation Programs

What you battle against when you learn new animation or art software. DaVinci Resolve (a free video editing program). Nodes vs Layers, Krita, Moho Animation Studio, Shape tweens, TV Paint, Photoshop, choice anxiety, 3 second challenge