Podcast: Animoot

A 20-30 minute adventure into animator life every Monday.

Inside the Onion Skin Rig

Video version: https://youtu.be/ra2p62Vi6dQ How the Onion Skin puppet is rigged and programmed, rigging features in Toon Boom Premium, how master controllers work (animating with sliders), balancing technical rigging mindset with emotional storytelling

Inside the Scribbles Rig

Video version: https://youtu.be/niAqIvscmH8 The secret behind Season 3 Scribbles, symbols in Toon Boom vs Flash, methods of coloring in Toon Boom, recent new Harmony features, confusing things about Toon Boom for Flash animators, plugins in Toon Boom vs Flash, recent new features in Flash

When to Reveal & Hosting Collabs

When to reveal your project and promote it, when to spoil things, organizing a Multi Animator Project, organizing animation community projects, how studios organize animations

When To Give Up

When to give up on an idea Quitting out of boredom or profit loss World Builder’s Disease Do good ideas arrive fast or slow? Shelving dead ideas for later If you talk about ideas do you lose interest in finishing them? Inconsistent world building Handing off your ideas to other people

Animation at Conventions & Storytelling

Conventions Fan art vs original art Willpower game story Cutscenes in games Animation x Storytelling Animator’s Survival Toolkit and breakdowns

Frame-By-Frame Animation Techniques

Struggling to get back into frame-by-frame animation. Different ways to approach traditional animation. Do you do a frame at a time or a line at a time? The onion skin tool gets in the way. Crowne’s mind gets blown. Shift and Trace

April 1 and Drawing Tablets

April 1 Animation Ideas The Onion Skin hand puppet When companies start sending you free tablets to review 27″ Cintiq Wacom Tablet 22″ HD Wacom Tablet Going back to a USB tablet after having a screen

Animation Quality vs Quantity

Working with scenes in Flash and versions in Toon Boom Quality vs Quantity Getting sick Animating at a standing desk

Is Patreon a Bad Idea?

Should Onion Skin start a Patreon? Should you? Artists competing for supporters. Is it be hard to make bonus content and rewards? How big should your audience be before starting one? If life happens and you can’t make Patreon content, what do you do? Game Development and Early Access. Kickstarter. Taking the leap to become… Read more »

Crashes & Frame-By-Frame vs Rigs

Crashing your PC and losing everything RAID arrays The Animate Button Explaining your animation career to people outside the industry The frustration of learning to rig when you’re a Disney animator Rig vs frame-by-frame and hybrids of both When to rebuild a rig