Hi there! I’m C. Prince, an independent 2D animator based in Canada. Spanish is my second language.

My background as an artist is unusual, and brings with it skillsets atypical in our industry. I graduated with a BA in International Law in 2011, spent several years producing television for a nonprofit, and have been running a freelance studio since 2015. Owning a business requires expertise in about every skill imaginable, including directing, management, and fundraising—not to mention all of the production and drawing steps involved in 2D animations.

I’m well versed in public speaking. I’ve been presenting at conferences since 2008 and have hosted animation workshops across the USA (and internationally, online).

In teams I tend to take initiative where it’s needed. In addition to completing my own tasks I am good at organizing and encouraging my teammates. Projects I’m in charge of get finished!

In my rare free time I farm, write, play video games, and draw fan art.

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