This is the place to buy custom art of your character or ideas, professional art to use in projects, and animations. If you are interested in hiring me, please send an email and include the details of what you want so I may quote a price.

Commissioned artwork does not come with a merchandising or resale license. If you want to print your art on merch to sell to other people, let me know so I can set up the proper license agreement. Otherwise feel free to print your art on things for your own personal use.

Logo designs come with merchandising rights by default, so you may print and sell merch with your logo.

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Character: $75+


Illustration: $150+


Background: $75+



Mini Animation $75+

A short, simple animation as a GIF, SWF, or sprite sheet.

Animation Assets: Prices Vary

Props, animated backgrounds, animated intros, and fully functional puppet rigs designed for those who intend to make their own animations or videos.

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Partial Animation: $400+

These start at $400 per 30 seconds of animation. They feature much less movement than a full animation. A partial animation may be fully colored but have fewer mouth movements and actions.

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Full Animation: $900+

The base price for a fully animated video is $900 per 30 seconds of animation. This is to give you a bare minimum estimate of what your project might cost. Complicated scenes, large numbers of backgrounds, and multiple characters make the price go up.

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