Many years ago, I submitted a comic instead of an essay to a university professor. After the usual round of corrective markup in the page margins, he handed the comic back and said, “Don’t stop doing this.”

I had intended to become a diplomat. I studied international law. I did contract work for the state Attorney General’s Office. And all the while, I kept drawing. I realized I did not enjoy cubicle office jobs and took a full time position at a nonprofit where I ran a television show, traveled a lot, and did a ton of video editing. Every night after work I would immediately start drawing. All weekend I would animate, making extra cash on the side until I had to turn people away because I couldn’t create more hours in a day.

I didn’t stop. I scribbled myself right into a full time animation business.

I specialize in 2D animation – everything from frame-by-frame to puppetry, backgrounds, and special effects. I use Adobe Creative Cloud and Toon Boom.

I have also been developing and presenting professional workshops since 2009. If you’d like to have me as a guest at your conference/convention to talk about animation or give an interactive animation workshop, feel free to get in touch using the contact page.